War and Health: A Health Perspective

As always, conflicts and tension simmer currently throughout the world causing displacement, famine, injury and a host of other health issues. In Syria alone, recent civil war has seen a 15-year drop in life expectancy, a tenth of the population either killed or injured and over 7 million citizens displaced. Yet despite the ongoing detrimental effects on health, little time in medical and health education is spent teaching students how war impacts on health.

Torque’s third module of 2017, “Health Impact of War”, will explore the various and wide-reaching health impacts of unrest, and investigate what can be done by health and other professionals to counter the global health consequences of war.

The event will be held on Sunday 6th August from 10.00am till 1.45pm at the Library at the Dock (Victoria Harbour, Docklands). Join us for some great food, thought provoking speakers and stimulating discussion!


Dr Margaret Beavis

Dr Jenny Grounds

Mahshid Ghafari & Shurfa Buhary

Dr Liam Hannon