We were founded in 2013, with 203 students and 4 modules - Indigenous Health, Climate Change and Health, Vaccines and Non-Communicable Diseases. 

We expanded in 2014 to cover 8 modules (adding Mental Health, Philosophy and Ethics, LGTBQ, HIV/AIDS and Refugee Health to our repetoire), and enrolled students from a wide range of backgrounds - undergraduate, postgraduate, medical, non-medical and more! We established strong bonds with the faculty and numerous non-profit organisations, and brought incredible speakers to our events, such as Julian Burnside AO, QC Jeff Kennett, CEO of BeyondBlue Dr. Sandro Demaio, founder of NCDFree A/Prof Karen Adams and many more. Throughout the year, we experimented with different styles of educational content and presentation, from group work to case studies to debates - and made many rewarding discoveries.

2015 consisted of 6 modules, with an emphasis on innovative integrated assessments and activities that encourage critical thinking and promote self-reflection. The modules focused on Millenium Development Goals, Access to Essential Medicines, Gender Equity, Climate Change & Health, Frontline Healthcare and Humanitarian Aid.

2016 focussed on 5 modules covering key aspects of global health: End of Life, Global Health Research, Antimicrobial Resistance, Health Technology and Partner Violence.

Following a successful year, 2017 created conversations around 5 more global health issues: Health Literacy and Education, International Aid, War and Unrest, A Sensible Approach to Drugs, and Indigenous Health and Cultural Health: Empowering Women. 

In 2018, we hope to facilitate inspiring global health discussions amongst future health leaders and professionals. This year, Torque will focus on: Women's Mental Health, Sexual Health, and Global Health Research. Will you join us to Torque in 2016?